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Welcome To Beijing Shengzhuang Household Chemicals Company!
Service hotline:400-6100-226
Processing hotline: 010-69383746
Sales hotline: 400-6100-226

Quality Control Center

 Strict quality management and control system
Shengzhuang obtains a number of quality management system certification, and in strict accordance with FDA, ISO, GMPC and other standards for management and control. Through quality inspection center, quality evaluation center, physicochemical experiment center, and the high precision testing equipment and instruments, Shengzhuang endeavors to guard the quality of products.
Set up a sound QA, QC department, improve the supplier audit process, from packaging materials to the production of raw materials, strict testing and scientific management.

Casting perfect quality
Cosmetic quality evaluation center, with the most advanced detection, evaluation of the instrument to ensure the safety, legality and effectiveness of the product, with practical action to practice the "high quality products enterprise" quality policy.
In addition to the instrument detection, Shengzhuang through a large number of experience to test the effectiveness of the product and quality, full of all the mature market products, have passed the human Pro test.
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